RoBuAIR® (English)

The RoBuAIR® removes air/gas from pipe systems in a simple, reliable way. This eliminates significant unnecessary costs that would otherwise arise as a result of downtime, maintenance and energy consumption.

Traditional air vents are not a sufficiently durable or maintenance-friendly de-aeration/aeration solution. When the air vent is polluted and fails in difficult conditions, the patented automatic air vent RoBuAIR® continues to de-aerate/aerate:

  • No capacity loss in the pipe network
  • No efficiency loss in pumps
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs: fewer hours & no wearing of parts
  • No corrosion
robuair 400


  • Extremely suitable design for wastewater use
  • Effective venting
  • 100% recyclable & sustainable
  • High chemical resistance
  • High corrosion resistant
  • Wide functional pressure range
  • Simple & effective aeration prevention
  • Easy inspection & maintenance
  • Easy installation due to Storz coupling
  • Direct increase in the return of the pipeline
  • Robust, yet light

As standard, the RoBuAIR® is manufactured from HDPE plastics. Delivered integrated in a plastic pit or casing if desired.

The automatic deaerator can be used in varied environments, including:

  • Discharge pipes and free fall pipes for divers/sinkers
  • Water pumping stations, sewage treatment, often at pump systems
  • Industry


  • Unique modular durable design
  • Chemical resistant and corrosion resistant
  • Made entirely out of plastic, standard HDPE, other material in consultation
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Automatic operation for de-aeration/aeration with aeration block and option for controlled exhaust air
  • Wide functional pressure range
  • Very suitable for heavily polluted environments
  • Customer-specific requirements are optional and easy to incorporate
  • Easy to install, inspect & maintain
Robuair 250

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